Frequently Asked Questions

What are MagnaPods?
MagnaPods are clear, high quality small sized plastic storage units which are designed to organize and store your personal care items within steel framed medicine cabinets. MagnaPods magnetically adhere to the inside of your medicine cabinet. MagnaPods are the perfect solution to help organize your make-up, brushes, eye liners, lip sticks, nail polish, toothbrushes and many other items. MagnaPods are easy to use and help restore order to your medicine cabinet.

Will they fit in my medicine cabinet, is there enough room?
Yes, the MagnaPod units take advantage of unused space within the cabinet.
Steel framed medicine cabinets have a built in space(1/2"+) between the cabinet
door and the inside shelving. MagnaPods take advantage of the gap space. If a MagnaPod unit does contact an item or shelf inside the cabinet, simply slide the
MagnaPod unit to a slightly different location.

What if my medicine cabinet is made of Wood or Plastic?
We offer the MagnaPods Steel Sheet. It is a thin steel sheet (.010") enclosed within a white sheet on the front side and a peel away adhesive on the back side. The MagnaPods Steel Sheets allow you to take full advantage of all the benefits of MagnaPods like ease of movement within the cabinet and removability while providing a strong attachment point for any MagnaPods products. Please view our product page for additional information on the MagnaPods Steel Sheet.

Are MagnaPods strong enough to stay in place and hold my items?
Yes, all MagnaPods provide a holding force of 20 oz/square inch. Strong enough to hold most all items that will fit within the storage units.

How do I use MagnaPods?
Simply place the MagnaPod units on the inside of your steel framed medicine cabinet door. Then position each organizer unit to your preferred location. The MagnaPod organizers will magnetically adhere to the cabinet, enabling the units to easily be moved to your desired location.

What's included in the MagnaPod Cosmetic Organizer Set?
Each MagnaPod Cosmetic Organizer Set contains three individual storage units.
The size of the individual storage units are as follows:
- 4.75" x 1.50" x 1.00"
- 4.00" x 2.50" x 1.00"
- 3.00" x 2.75" x 0.50"

How many MagnaPods can I fit inside my Medicine Cabinet?
Most common steel framed Medicine Cabinets can easily fit upto 3 MagnaPod
Organizer Sets, or a total of 9 individual storage units. Another best choice
option is to fill your cabinet with 1ea MagnaPods Cosmetic Organizer Set, 1ea MagnaPods Nail Polish Organizer Set and 2ea MagnaPods Tooth Brush Holders.

Where can I purchase MagnaPods?
Please browse to our Products Page to purchase MagnaPods online or visit our LINKS page to find retailers that carry our products.

How much is shipping for MagnaPods?
We currently charge flat shipping fees by country.
$ 4.99 = United States
$ 5.99 = Canada / Mexico
$15.99 = All Other Countries

Additional Answers to your Questions Coming Soon.


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